About the Artist


Austrian born artist,  Christa Rutelonis, has been sculpting and painting most of her

life. Working in clay and pastels, she mostly loves to create happy things that can lift

a spirit and bring a smile.  Luckily, an overactive imagination serves her well in this


Christa’s original “I’m a Hug” characters,  with their big feet and goofy smiles are as

unique as they are sentimental.  Each “I’m a Hug” figurine is resting on a printed

poem card, and these Hugs have been connecting people all around the globe for

many years.

“It’s not that the character is so great” Christa says, “but he seems to strike a chord

with so many people.  He represents an actual Hug from someone special, so the

minute one is received, it magically gets transformed into something meaningful,

and can be cherished for a long time.”